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Owl and Woman is one of a series called "Familiars". Animals have always been part of magic and myths of Mankind. Owls are a significant spirit guide to Native Americans representing vision, insight and the hereafter.

This portrait of a Cherokee woman and her spirit guide contains hundreds of pieces of glass, bone and shell beads, sand dollars and antique buttons. The patterns on her dress are created by allowing larger grout lines to create a negative pattern.The Owl playfully reaches for the woman's medallion, reminding her that a price should be paid for the owl's wisdom.

Three Wizards is the second in a series called "Familiars. A familiar was an animal that would attend to the needs of a witch or warlock or wizard. In this mosaic  the fox berates the wizard that has fallen asleep upon his tail. The foxes tail points to a second wizard who is laughing at the first. His head leans on a toadstool.

The fox himself wears an amulet. Is he really a wizard transformed into a fox?

The amulet is a Victorian button. The toadstools are created from geode slices and small glass beads create the chain on the laughing wizard's neck.

Macaw  A trip to Costa Rica is securely attached to my heartstrings. We stayed on a cliff overlooking the Osa peninsula and were enchanted by the macaws that flew through the jungle below. The feathers of the bird are created in two ways. Some are formed using a glass cutter while others are created with wheel nippers. The wheels are offset to create erratic forms in the glass and certain glass will break into tendrils. This is perfect for capturing the movement in claws and smaller feathers circling the eye. The pupil itself is simply creating by laying a glass bead on it's side.

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